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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Bernie: Do Television practice a lot?
Tom: Yeah, we really work out. When we first started we rehearsed six days a week for four months before we even played live; then we still stuck. We were awful, y’know? Now we rehearse four nights a week if we have a job or are breaking in new stuff. If we have a month of no jobs, we might rehearse three nights a week. We have problems finding a place to rehearse, though. If we get some more money… We’ll get some money with this record deal… we probably won’t get a dime after it’s all… ya know lawyers take this, and managers take this, taxes that this, producers take this… and that’s the end of it. Then you buy a new set of drums and a couple of new guitars and you have to go play live for a year.

–Tom Verlaine on rehearsing, from interview available at http://ffanzeen.blogspot.com/2010/06/talkin-with-televisions-tom-verlaine-at.html


This Is The Difference

Last night I was talking to philosopher James Kinkaid, and he said something like this:

The difference between continental and analytic philosophy is summarized in the titles of Michael Dummett’s The Logical Basis of Metaphysics and Martin Heidegger’s The Metaphysical Foundations of Logic.

And that’s about the most succinct summary I’ve heard 🙂