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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Want – Don’t Want

Don’t Want

  • Un*x 1970s tty interface
  • Desktop metaphor – GNOME, KDE or MS Windows
  • GUI porn – flying, shrinking, wobbling windows, etc.
  • C or C++
  • Unnecessarily binary file formats
  • JavaScript, Java, or PHP web apps
  • Dependency hell- installing or linking
  • Apple anything
  • Dozens of megabytes of shared libraries
  • All-singing, all-dancing OS kernel


  • Non-modal text based interface (e.g., Oberon)
  • Full system source in one language (e.g., Smalltalk, Genera, Oberon)
  • Most of the OS can be modified at runtime
  • Standard components for a minimal set of common OS tasks, can be loaded as needed
  • Conserve memory for implementing systemic features like the deep error handling in Genera